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My FAVORITE baking tools!

If you are looking to get prepared to be a baker, and get all the baking tools you may ever need, you are in the right place! I focus on finding low cost, but high quality products.

Candy Thermometer

First off, every baker needs a high quality Candy Thermometer! This one is TAYLOR brand, who is famous for making all sorts of thermometers, and I highly recommend it! There are many baking blogs that recommend this thermometer in their Top 10. This is the Candy Thermometer I use personally, and from my experience, it is #1 on my list! You will see this thermometer being used in many of my recipes on Auntie Tay's Treats.

Click the link below to view on Amazon!

Piping Bags

Secondly, my next most used baking item is Piping Bags! I was going through so many gallon plastic bags (to use them as piping bags), I decided to finally buy my own. I got a set of 100, and still have tons of them left. They are great to have on hand, to make all your desserts look a bit nicer. Also, they are very inexpensive, so totally worth it, and you don't feel bad throwing them away after each use, as they are disposable. I've also never had one of these rip/tear yet.

Click the link below to view 100 set of Piping Bags on Amazon!

Silicone Baking Mats

Another important baking tool is Silicone Baking Mats! These mats are 100% food grade, and perfect for anything you bake, especially used for macarons! They are also super easy to clean and reuse. Much needed item for every baker, and they're a great price for a 2 pack! You can also save money in the long run, by not using aluminium foil or parchment paper every time.

Click link below to view Silicone Food Mats on Amazon!

Mixing Bowls

Next up is my favorite set of plastic Mixing Bowls! This set-of-3 is made by Glad, and has all the sizes you will need, from small to large. This set of bowls is at an extremely low price for what you get! They are designed to save space, by fitting inside of each other. There are also many different colors offered on Amazon, so you can match your kitchen. I grabbed the Blush Pink set, because you can't go wrong with a blush pink! Pick your favorite color!

Click the link below to view Mixing Bowls on Amazon!

More Baking Tools coming soon....

Please leave a comment for any suggestions you'd like to see here! Thank you for looking!

-Auntie Tay

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